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Menstrual Balance Blend 

Serves to be a uterine stimulant, alleviates inflammation, soothes the vagina, and enhances the circulation to the reproductive system and reduces fatigue to aid in and attain a relaxed state of mind. 


PMS Blend 

Help in toning the pelvic muscles, increases the circulation and cleans the uterus; a cooling effect near the tissues of the genitals could be perceived.


Menopause Blend 

2 of the herbs keeps the vagina moist while acting as an astringent and cleans the area spiritually. On the other hand, the rest of the herbs help to strengthen the pelvic muscles and relax the uterus. 


Fertility Blend 

Keep the growth of bacteria under control, antiseptic, sedative and antispasmodic, helps in boosting the circulation to the reproductive organs. 


Miscarriage Blend 

Works to cleanse the uterus and reducing the inflammation. 


Postpartum Blend 

Offers a soothlng effect while cleansing the organs and controls bacterial growth.