Ayurvedic Health Practitioner Services

Rooted in Trinity Health Limited Liability Co.
Be Your Own Kind of Healthy!
Healthy is such a broad term! However, did you know that what's healthy for the one person may not be healthy for you? At Rooted in Trinity Health, YOU come first. I will listen to you and what your body is telling you and formulate a personalized health plan for you both so that you become 1 body, 1 mind and 1 super strong spiritual being. 
I've had a love for all things natural since I was a child and that love was fostered by my Grandmother Apache. Later on in life I received my education in Ayurveda from Southern California University of Health Sciences. I am a certificated Ayurvedic Wellness Educator and very soon to graduate as an Ayurvedic Health Practitioner. My goal is to reach as many as I can and build a healthier community. 
Let me help you get to the root of your health concerns and work at building healthier and more abundant roots so that your healthy harvest benefits you.
Services include:
Full Consultation (1.5 hrs)
Wellness Consultation (30m)
Rasayana Treatments
Basti- Janu, Greeva, Kati, Uro, Shiro Dhara, Thaila Dhara
Pinda Sweda
Choorna Pinda Sweda