Yogurt Bark


1 30oz No fat Light Greek Yogurt
4 TBSP Baobab Superfruit Powder (I got mine from Walmart)
Almonds slices
Dark Chocolate Chips


a cookie sheet (i use a large size cookie sheet but you can use whatever size you want for the amount of ingredients you have and the number of people you are serving)
wax paper (if you don't have wax paper then you can use plastic wrap but don't use parchment paper unless you want to end up peeling off pieces of tape when you break the bark)
Silicone spatula/spoonula

(there are no measurements on the toppings because it will depend on the size of your cookie sheet you use and how much you want- I LOAD MINE)


FIRST: wash your fruit and cut up your strawberries as desired (I use slices) and then set them aside to dry a little

SECOND: whisk together the baobab powder and yogurt

THIRD: cover your cookie sheet with which ever nonstick option you choose (wax paper of plastic wrap) and make sure that it also covers the sides.... now spread your yogurt blend over the cookie sheet

FOURTH: start adding on your toppings in any order you choose (i mix stir together my fruit and add it together, then add the dark chocolate chips, and finally the almond slices)

FINALLY: you'll add a top covering (plastic wrap is the easiest because you can see through it) and push the toppings into the yogurt (at this point you can add more toppings if you notice blank spots) then place the sheet in the freezer

When its frozen then you remove the sheet and drop it on the counter to break the bark apart and break apart any large pieces

To store it you can either put it in a bag or freezer safe storage and put it back in the freezer for later or put in a bowl and start eating