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Here you'll learn the most natural ways of obtaining health for yourself and in the case of doula services also for your fetus/baby. You will learn the intimacies of your body and how to properly care for it.

Since the concept of "Healthy Living" is not the same for everyone. Ayurveda is different from naturopathy and herbology because it is more clinical and assessed on an individual basis rather than a one size fits all approach. Getting to the root of the imbalance and formulating a personalized plan with all contraindications and needs taken into consideration.

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My Guardian Angel


A must in every household!

The best way to stay healthy is by in taking this bundle daily. All natural for immunity! I absolutely love it and my mom does too! She’s drinking up all the tea so I have to keep buying several packs at a time. My mom wasn’t feeling well and drank the tea and felt better INSTANTLY. So now she swears she NEEDS it every single morning.

Mia C.

Best butter in town

This butter is the TRUTH!!!!!!! smells amazing and give me moisture and shine!!!

Tashonda H.

Highly recomended!

Great product, love it, my skin feels soft even in winter time, and the smell stays on my skin feeling fresh.

Grace S.